Why photography

In 2012, my newly minted husband and myself, along with our dog, picked up our lives in El Paso, TX and made the three day journey to Fort Drum, NY. After just two weeks, and not even having a home to live in yet, my husband came home and told me he would be deploying to Afghanistan. Two months later, we said our goodbyes and off he went. It was during this time that I felt God calling me to pick up that camera I had purchased a few years prior and really, really learn how to use it.

That calling eventually turned into what is now Alissa Catherine Photography.

I very quickly realized, after just a few sessions for friends and some people that took a chance on me, that photography was about so much more than just pushing a button my camera. 

Over time, I have learned that telling a story, and I've had the privilege of telling some amazing ones, is where I thrive. Having a session with me is not about the awkward "prom poses" we're used to seeing (and probably hating). You won't get any of that with me. My job is to capture your life just as it is! You should be able to look at your photos 10, 15, 20 years from now and remember this exact moment in your life. If that's what I deliver, then I've done my job. 

So what's a session like with me? Fun. So.Much.Fun.

They're full of laughter, realness, and candid moments. If you're looking for the posed, the "sit and smile at me" kinda pictures- I'm not your girl - and that's ok! If you're looking for real, raw, true life- then I want to chat!  




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