Tatum (four months old)

HOW. How the heck has it been four whole months since my baby girl was born?! Anyone else feel that way? Because, same. Getting to be her mama and watch her grow is just the best. It seems like every day she’s learning something new, making a new face, and figuring out some new sound she can yell at me. Every day hasn’t been great, but there’s something great in every day, and truthfully, I just can’t imagine what my life would be like without her.

Alright, here we go. Four months of Tatum.

Boring things first- she is still hovering right around 50% for weight coming in at 13 lbs 14 oz, and is as long as ever at 25 in. She has rolls in all the best places, hello chunky baby thighs, and is growing by the minute I think.

Now to the fun stuff! Let me tell you, there is NO shortage of personality in her little body. I don’t know where she hides it all, but she is absolutely hilarious. I’m sure everyone says that about their kid, but it’s true in her case 😉 She constantly has us laughing with all the noises she makes. The best thing is that she started laughing awhile ago but not consistently. Now she laughs all the time, and as it turns out, I am super funny. At least according to her!

A few weeks ago, she started rolling from back to belly. Of course she has to do things different than what is “normal” for babies and still can’t roll from belly to back. It makes my day pretty interesting as I spend most of it rolling her back. She rolls, I roll. She rolls, I roll. This is basically how it goes all day. She also really found her feet and toes and loves holding onto them, but her favorite thing to do is chomp on her hands. They are in her mouth all.the.time! Even though her hands are her favorite, pretty much anything she holds onto instantly goes to the mouth, so yeah, we’re in that stage now.

She finally had her first night of sleeping 8 hour straight right through the night, and even though I didn’t get 8 straight hours, it still felt pretty happy! She’s going through a bit of the 4 month sleep regression right now and fighting naps hard, but thankfully it hasn’t effected nighttime. I’m praying it never will. One can hope right!

It is incredibly amazing how much has changed in the last (roughly) 120 days, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way!

  1. Kathy

    June 13th, 2018 at 3:22 am

    Oh my! Love all of those beautiful expressions! Could she get any cutter…. Thank you for sharing the photos and all the information. I just love hearing how she is doing and how Mom is doing too! 🙂
    Blessing to you all!

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