Tatum (three months old)

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Three months have passed since my baby girl, Tatum, was born and yet somehow I have no clue how we got here. Well, I guess I do know- a little bit of sleep and a whole lotta Jesus. Somehow we’ve made it. I managed to keep my tiny human alive and well for three whole months. I feel like that’s a real accomplishment, especially considering how little sleep we actually got 😉 It still feels surreal that I’ve gotten to love her for as long as I have.

But, onto more exciting things-

This month was…. tough to say the least. Almost right after Tatum turned 2 months, she decided she hated sleep. We would get about a 3 hour stretch at the beginning of the night, and after that all bets were off, and she would typically wake up every hour until getting up for the day at about 6. If you’ve ever had to survive on very fragmented hours of sleep, you know how exhausting that is. But again, we’re alive, so I guess that’s something.

Since she was born, we have been doing a delayed vaccine schedule for her. I’m just more comfortable breaking things up a bit rather than giving her a ton of shots at once, so I took her in last week to get the second half of her 2 months shots. At that appointment she weighed 12.9 lbs. In the last 2 weeks or so, it feels as if she went from being my brand new newborn to a full blown baby. She seems so giant to me now, and she’s got the thighs to back that up!

Things she discovered this month- her ears, her feet, and her voice. She’s especially good at working that last one! She cracks us up every day with the sounds she makes. It’s so funny watching her discover things around her. She will just stare & stare at her feet and try to grab them. Speaking of which, she is getting pretty good at reaching for and trying to grab things. She hasn’t quite figured out how to work her hands enough to grasp items by herself yet, but she’ll hold on if we give them to her. She also figured out how to blow bubbles, so there’s lots of that going on! Oh, and the best of all, she started laughing! It is seriously the best.

Things she loves currently- music, singing, talking, mom, dad (still only sometimes & when she decides), splashing in the bathtub, being bounced on the couch cushions, and watching Ellen.

When I look back at her monthly pictures, it seems impossible that she has grown so much in such a short time, but I feel so thankful to get to watch her grow and learn! I love that little girl something fierce.

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