James & Michele

Colorado Springs Couple Photographer


It’s been awhile since I have considered myself a “couple’s photographer”. At one point in the beginning of my business, I decided to specialize in couples, but slowly I ended up shooting everything. You name it, I shot it. Now that we live in Colorado Springs, I am so excited to get back to what I really love- couples!

We actually had this session scheduled for the previous day, but in true Colorado weather fashion, we woke up that morning to all kinds of snow. My husband and I decided to drive to Cheyenne Mountain Canyon where we were planning to shoot, and it was absolutely gorgeous. All the trees were completely covered in snow. It was like something out of a fairytale. Sadly, the snow quickly melted and was replaced with rain.

I met up with James & Michele that day, but we all decided shooting in the rain would not be fun for anyone. Thankfully we could get together the next day. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and I’m so glad we waited!

As we started the session, I asked them to tell me how they met. I love hearing how my couples met. It’s so important for me to get a feel for who they are. Well James & Michele met at the Kentucky Derby, and Michele actually fibbed about her age to him! She was in high school still, while he had been in the army for a couple years already. Don’t worry, she told him the truth the next day 😉 I guess it’s safe to say that things worked out for them, because many years of marriage and three kids later, they’re still as in love as ever!

It was so great meeting and getting to adventure with the two of you!



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